Submission of papers

The open access TMCS journal has been available on OJS platform of the University of Debrecen since 2019.

Authors are asked to submit their manuscript by e-mail .
The first page should contain the corresponding mailing and e-mail addresses, keywords and ZDM subject classification codes.
The Editorial Office acknowledges the receipt of the manuscript. Basically, the papers should be written in English, but those in German with an English abstract are acceptable, as well. Authors should strive for expository clarity and good literary style.

Information for Authors

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reuse drawings, photographs, tables, and excerpts from other publications. If the article is accepted by the journal, the authors will be requested to transfer their copyright to the publisher.


Submission of a manuscript implies

  • that the work described has not been published before;
  • that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere;
  • that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities at the institute where the work has been carried out;
  • that, if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors agree to automatically transfer the copyright to the publisher; and
  • that the manuscript will not be published elsewhere in any language without the consent of the copyright holder.

General Policies

All submissions are subject to peer review and editorial control of length and style. Indicate clearly whether an article is to be considered for publication as a research article or as a review article.

Research articles describe important analytical, experimental, or empirical results which add to our knowledge in one or more of the many problem areas of this subject.

Review articles, on the other hand, are intended to present considered and objective assessments of a technology or area of practice. They may be based on analytical or experimental models, but if not, they should offer substantive evidence to support the main thesis. As in the case of research articles, review articles must clearly present the implications for future practice.

The Editorial Process

Author(s) wishing to publish a paper in Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science are requested to submit the paper directly to the Editorial Office ( Submission of a manuscript is an acknowledgement by the author(s) that it has not been published elsewhere, and that it is not currently submitted for publication elsewhere.
If the editors evaluate the manuscript to be worthy of consideration for publication in Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science, it will be sent to two referees who are competent to judge it and who will remain anonymous to the author. After the manuscript has been refereed, the editors will notify the author(s) of its acceptance or rejection for publication, and if accepted, of any revisions required prior to publication.

Format of Manuscripts

Manuscripts must include an abstract in English that summarizes the principle techniques and conclusions of the paper in relation to known results. It should be no more than 10 lines.

Keywords and Subject Classification
The first page of the manuscript should contain keywords and MSC2020 subject classification codes (available at

Address and e-mail address
The first page must include the affiliation and the e-mail address of the corresponding author, as well.

Abbreviated Title
It is necessary to indicate an abbreviated title, which will be used as a running head (no more than 60 characters including spaces).

Tables and Figures
Tables and figures should be limited to those required for clear communication and be used with references in the text. As figures may be reduced for printing, the lettering should not be too small. Drawings should be on good quality paper and marked clearly in black.

References should follow the APA 7thstyle as shown in the examples below.
The DOI number of the reference (if it is known) should be written, as well.
References should contain full article titles, chapter titles of books as well as first and last pages of each article. Standard abbreviations of journal names should be used.

Journal article
Begle, A. G. (1969). The role of research in the improvement of mathematics education. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 2, 232-244.
Clements, D. H., Swaminathan, S., Hannibal, M. A. Z., & Sarama, J. (1999). Young children's concepts of shape. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 2, 192-212.

Freudenthal, H. (1983). Didactical phenomenology of mathematical structures. Kluwer.
Szendrei, J. (2005). Gondolod, hogy egyre megy? [Do you think it is all the same?]. Typotex.

Chapter in an edited volume or an article in edited conference proceedings
Duval, R. (2008). Eight problems for a semiotic approach in mathematics education. In L. Radford, G. Schubring & F. Seeger (Εds.), Semiotics in mathematics education: epistemology, history, classroom, and culture (pp. 39-62). Sense Publishers.

Examples of citation in the text:
(Begle, 1969), (Begle, 1969, p. 240), (Clements at al., 1999) or Begle (1969)

For more information see the following pages:

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts must be submitted in PDF format by e-mail (with TMCS subject):

Authors are kindly asked to write the final form of their manuscript in LaTeX using our document class (tmcs.cls) and TMCS template (TMCS_template.tex). For bibliography the "reference.bib" file is worth using. Digital drawings and graphs should be submitted in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format together with the final LaTeX document.

All the necessary files can be downloaded here:


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